What make us different

Our main goal is to give our consumers access to healthy drinking water, while also using water as a tool to spread awareness about breast cancer and autism in our communities to as many as our water can reach. As part of our commitment to these courses, we will donate a portion of our profits to organizations and initiatives that deal with issues like providing safe drinking water, creating awareness for breast cancer and autism.

Community Outreach

Stover water partners with organizations helping to foster a healthy living in communities and organizations helping with supply of water to less privilege communities. To that effect Stover water has partnered with the Friendship circle (TFC), to provide water to its quarterly 5kRun participants. An activity that aims to foster exercising in the community. Stover water has also partnered with GenerosityGlobal a foundation using the power of generosity to serve and improve the lives of people in villages in Sub-Saharan African by providing them with access to clean drinking water.


Studies show ionized alkaline water hydrates us faster and more efficiently than regular water. As such we have invested in technology and process to create a clean alkaline water – providing the perfect ionized 9+pH using only purified water.

Our Mission

We believe drinking quality water is not only fundamental for better health but also the foundation for healthy lifestyle.
Our goal therefore is to make Stover water the first choice of daily hydration habits. By offering services that dilate access to Stover water and make life easier for all it’s consumers. We will also support organizations that use their platform to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

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Recycling & Sustainability

Stover water, created with a better world in mind: